Are these Curls a Catfish ?

We’re offended. Honestly.

We know we should be thrilled, but we can’t help but feel a little, you know….🥺

One of our wonderful customers, Kellece, features in some of our ads. She’s got great hair, hasn’t she!? So great, in fact, that people started commenting on how it’s not real and how it’s misleading.

Well… Kellece’s hair is completely real and is not a curl-catfish!

Understandably, Kellece wanted to confirm this too. She’s more than a little bit offended that her hair journey has had the reaction of ‘it’s not real’ rather than ‘wow it’s real!’. Have a look at the video to hear what she has to say.

Because at FYC, we love curls, we love natural hair and we love it when customers get great results from our products. So, when there’s doubt over ‘are those curls even real though’ or ‘there’s no way the product does that’, we have to stand up for the curls in question!

Firstly, as a brand we encourage and support people to love their natural hair regardless of the length, thickness or curl pattern. That’s why on our social media posts, we feature many different types of mixed-textured hair. We’re all different, after all!

She makes some very valid points, like the misconception that people of colour can’t grow their hair past their shoulders, or can’t have beautiful, healthy, long curly hair. Kellece has spent time, energy and love, trying to understand her hair and giving it everything it needs to look this great (which includes FYC, of course!).

Everyone’s hair and everyone’s hair journey is different. And at FYC we want everyone to LOVE their curls and ADORE their uniqueness.

So, we say thank you to Kellece for setting the record straight. We love you and your hair!

And to everyone else, we love you and your uniquely wonderous curls too. If you fancy appearing alongside Kellece, send us a video to of you using FYC, and you can be a part of our crew too.

Your curls, your way, with FYC.

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