Cool styling for kids hair

TikToker RubyElizabeth66 is a WHIZZ at doing her daughters’ hair!  In this video, Ruby demonstrates how she creates Space Buns on her daughter Luna’s hair. How amazing does this look!? And just look at that FYC shine!!  Do you create cool styles for your kids with FYC? Then we wanna see!!! Send us your TikTok, YouTube and… Continue reading Cool styling for kids hair

Are these Curls a Catfish ?

We’re offended. Honestly. We know we should be thrilled, but we can’t help but feel a little, you know….🥺 One of our wonderful customers, Kellece, features in some of our ads. She’s got great hair, hasn’t she!? So great, in fact, that people started commenting on how it’s not real and how it’s misleading. Well…… Continue reading Are these Curls a Catfish ?

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Quick FYC Refresh & Detangle Spray Tips

Check out @Kellecemarie, demonstrating how to use FYC Refresh & Detangle spray, and see why she calls it the ‘Maker breaker curl creator’!  It’s easy to use, nourishing and makes your curls ping-and-pop!  When using Refresh & Detangle spray after your wash, spray generously all over the hair, before brushing out any tangles.  To refresh,… Continue reading Quick FYC Refresh & Detangle Spray Tips

Quick FYC Conditioner Tips

In the words of @Kellecemarie, the FYC conditioner is ‘like a mask’. Thick, nourishing and moisturising. Use it on wet hair straight after your shampoo, starting with the ends and working back to the roots.  If your curl texture is finer than Kellece’s, you could try mixing a little water with the conditioner in your… Continue reading Quick FYC Conditioner Tips

Quick FYC Shampoo Tips!

Did you know that FYC shampoo contains no sulphates? This means two things:  You’ll get less suds when you wash, and  Your hair won’t feel stripped of all its moisture Check out what @Kellecemarie thinks of the shampoo in the clip below. It’s just how she likes it!  If your hair’s craving a more conditioning… Continue reading Quick FYC Shampoo Tips!